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Here at Ai Orthodontics, Dr. Issa and his friendly staff are excited to see a beaming smile from our patients at the end of their treatment - it's what makes it all worthwhile.  


There are many dental benefits to orthodontics, but one of the greatest achievements we see in our practice is the improvement in our patient's self-confidence when their new smile is created.  Dr. Issa has been in the happy business of creating healthy smiles for over ten years now and feels it would be rewarding for him and his staff to provide orthodontic treatment to patients who have a need for such treatment but unfortunately lack the means to address those needs.  Ai Orthodontics is now offering a structured award system, through an organized program for selecting candidates during each year, to receive free orthodontic treatment.


Dr. Issa has always felt very blessed by the many people that have positively influenced him since he graduated from Allen High School on his journey to becoming a successful orthodontist.  He hopes that by serving people in this way he can continue his tradition of helping others. Dr. Issa hopes that, in the future, our SMILE CATCHERZ award recipients will find an opportunity to help someone else in need. 

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